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I started this page because of my deep love for the Dolphins.  I have had this love for them for years and years, and as each year goes by, my love grows deeper.

On this page I am just going to share information about them, my favorite pictures that I run across, some of my favorite poems that I have come across. 

This page is just a fun sharing page of my favorite things about dolphins, nothing made up or created by me.  If I do come up with something of my own, like a poem or something, I'll let you know.

My Massage Therapy business that I own is called Massagescapes.  I have T-Shirts made up for advertising.  I did come up with my own logo, that I'll try and get on here later, and I saying......


So I guess you can say that I have made something up on my own!


DOLPHIN, with its infectious smile and graceful, joyous nature reminds us to take a little time out to play. Most of us are so terribly busy and serious about our lives that we have little time to enjoy them. DOLPHIN is our ally in remembering how much fun life can be if we relax, splash around a little, and move for the sheer pleasure of it.

A warm tub is a good place to start having some watery play, but even non-aquatic movement can be a tremendous source of fun. It may be a good time to take a dance class and shake those winter blues away. Its also good to remember that Dolphins are deeply community-oriented. Group dancing, like Square or Contra, can be a delicious way to explore the deep pleasures of a group movement experience.

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Dear Friends,
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Protect Ocean Wildlife and Keep Tuna Dolphin-Safe!

I just learned about the Defender of Wildlife's efforts
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You can help:

Did you know that ocean wildlife is in jeopardy?

Scientists worldwide recognize that large-scale industrial fishing
techniques -- such as purse-seining, longlining, and drift-netting --
are devastating our oceans and the countless wildlife species that
live within them. In the Pacific, many species of dolphins,
endangered sea turtles, sharks, sea birds and other marine wildlife
are all falling victim to the nets and lines of tuna fishermen.

Dolphin-Safe Tuna Program Under Attack: Three dolphin populations
in the Eastern Pacific -- the northeastern offshore spotted, the eastern
spinner, and the coastal spotted -- have fallen below their "optimum
sustainable populations" as a result of dolphin unfriendly fishing
practices. Despite this, the Bush Administration is trying to weaken
the definition of the dolphin-safe label on tuna cans. Their proposed
change would allow the harmful practice of chasing and setting nets
on dolphins to be labeled "dolphin-safe."

Sea Turtles in Trouble: Sea turtles, abundant throughout the world's
oceans for millennia, are being killed when they become entangled in
fishing gear or caught as bycatch in fishing nets. All eight of the world's
sea turtle species are now listed as threatened with extinction. Within
the last decade, the Eastern Pacific populations of the critically
endangered leatherback turtle have declined by 78%.

Sharks in Danger: Due to their low birth rate, slow maturation and
growth patterns, and naturally small populations, shark populations
are vulnerable to pressures from fisheries and human exploitation.
Populations of Pacific Angel Sharks, Lemon Sharks, and Blue Sharks,
to name a few, are all being adversely affected.

We need your help in convincing the Bush Administration to finally
demonstrate leadership position on these issues at the Inter-American
Tropical Tuna Commission and elsewhere, rather than passively waiting
while our ocean resources are destroyed. Sign Now! Once you have
signed, tell your friends about this imminent threat to these magnificent
marine mammals!

Thank you!
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# 16,730 4/28/04 12:10 PM Amin Arikat, CA, US
# 16,729 4/28/04 12:10 PM Gayle Conant, CA, US
# 16,728 4/28/04 12:10 PM Irene Herz, NY, US
# 16,727 4/28/04 12:09 PM A. Hunsberger, IN, US
# 16,726 4/28/04 12:09 PM Laura Robinson, TX, US
# 16,725 4/28/04 12:09 PM Lee Pophal, WI, US
# 16,724 4/28/04 12:09 PM Angela Valianos, IL, US
# 16,723 4/28/04 12:09 PM Suzanne Smith, NY, US
# 16,722 4/28/04 12:08 PM Anonymous, GA, US
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Here you can check out photos of friends and family, or my favorite dolphin pictures, or other of my favorite animals...


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