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endangered wildlife
This page is going to be dedicated to the Endangered Wildlife on our planet. 

On this page you will find imformation on Endangered Animals, how you might help, different links to go to so that you might add them to your page or to even help them.


Keep reading below and you probably will find a group below to join, or else, a cause you'd like to join.

Below is a group that I have joined and I hope that you will also...
This group helps endangered animals.
Just go to the group, follow instructions and you'll find the animals group that helps endangered animals.

Go to this link below and it will take you the number one Animal Endangered Site of them all.  Join and get your own email address and email alerts in your mailbox so that you can help make a difference   

91 Wolves Killed & Counting! Stop the Slaughter!

Thank you for signing to oppose the ruthless practice of aerial gunning in Alaska!

Want to help more?
1. Please forward this petition to all your family and friends! This effort will succeed by word of mouth and every person counts.

2. Donate to wolf protection programs & Save a Life! Your sponsorship is urgently needed to help Defenders of Wildlife protect wolves from the many threats to their survival, the most recent of which is the practice of aerial gunning in Alaska!

Your wolf sponsorship will help support:
  • Grassroots and legal efforts to overturn the practice of aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska.
  • Legal initiatives to fight for wolves in the courts. Defenders has taken Gale Norton to court to reverse her action lifting essential protections for wolves under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Education and lobbying campaigns to promote wolf protection and fight attempts by anti-conservationists to kill wolves.

    Sign up now and help save a life!

    Click here to help!

  • (Your signature will appear on this petition in the next 30 minutes).

    E-mail this petition to your friends.

    View Signatures homepage
    If you are looking for an organation that helps to support wild animals that are endangered, saved, and gives homes to unwanted exotic animals, go click the link below...

    San Diego Zoo

    Thank you for applying. You are not in the ring yet. You are in the (Q) a waiting area. I will be looking at your site to make sure its rated (G). You are to place this fragment (copy and paste it) on your site NOW please and up load your choice of one gif to your server. Make sure you change the spareus1.jpg with the one you choose below. (You have 1 week.) You will be required within that time to join the Endangered Wildlife Smart Club, before approval will be givin. This is not in any way related to YAHOO. Its privately set up by me. Which you read about before applying. Group Home: Email Owner: If you are a member, and are recieving the HTML again then you are in violation of rules. Please re place the HTML again on your site (update me if you changed the url of placement)with the gif/jpg loaded to your server. Have it up with 3 days of date of receiving this email or risk being removed from the ring. REMEMBER ring mastrs have alot of work to do to keep a ring working smoothly. If you change emails or ring locations please email me your ID# and new information. In the future any email or ring fragment not working will be cause you to be removed from the ring meebership and group. Thank you Ladywildlife

    If you have received this fragment during the course of the year AGAIN for some reason.. please note then there is something wrong with your current fragment. Just copy and paste it to your page over the old one. This will correct any errors.. Thank you...

    Please do not alter these links in any way. This is pre filled in.

    I am a caring Webmaster and want the ring to work smoothly at all times..

    Location for choice of ONE jpg for ring. No other down loads of jpgs permitted. Endangered Wildlife JPGS: or or or or or or or

    If you can not get the html/fragment through the mail (IE:AOL) for instance.. Go here to get it and follow the directions

    Endangered Wildlife Netring
    site is owned by
    Want to Join this: Ring.
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    The Endangered Wildlife Webring

    Here are some more rings that I am joined to that help with the support of endangered animals... I hope that you will want to join also.

    This site is owned by

    Want to join the


                   I hope that you'll join the site above

    This Amazing Cougar Ring site owned by NAME.

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                       Please support these cougars

    Say NO to Fur!
    This Say NO to Fur Ring
    is owned by
    Dancing With Dolphins.

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