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This page is dedicated and designed to those souls lost on September 11th, 2001, at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and American and United flights that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
My heart goes out to those who have lost a LOVED one.

This page will be like a bridge between cites, states, countries, and WORLDS.

If you click on the BEAUTIFUL rainbow picture below, it will take you to another dedication site for September 11th, plus it has lots of spirituality also....
This site belongs to a dear friend of mine, Ja-Harra....




Below is a message from Lord Ashtar himself regarding the terrorist attacks on OUR country, the USA.
I am also including on this page, a project that is being headed up by my DEAR sisters of LOVE and LIGHT, Janisel and Debbie.
They speak directly too, and channel both Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda.
Ashtar and Sananda both have come to Janisel and Debbie to ask them to head up this project.....


It is a project to aid our fellow brothers and sisters, to bring LOVE and LIGHT to this planet and bring in unity.

I am adding some channelings and information below. I will also add links to go to if anyone would care to join this project and support our fellow brothers and sisters during this sad time.

This below will explain what RAINBOW CROSS is all about. Words directly written by Janisel and Debbie......

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Light,

Due to the recent tragedy on the eastern coast of America, Sananda and Ashtar have created what we have dubbed Project: Rainbow Cross to help prevent further disaster and fear, and bring everyone together in Brotherhood and Unity. This is currently a worldwide effort that is in need of many more volunteers. We are sending out this information in hopes that you will help us spread the word by forwarding this to your own group or to groups in which you are a member.

As a preface, let us explain a little further. As many of you know, Ashtars Trinity was gifted by Ashtar, Sananda, Michael, Metatron and others, with specially-charged water crystals. Along with this has come what they term a clean air crystal, which has been altered and charged to become a vacume of manmade pollutants from our atmosphere. Because of the work/benefits derived from the Brotherhood Water, the Unity Water, and the Clean Air Crystals [see The Water Book which is attached for full explanation], we have been instructed to bulk-ship as many as possible to an area encompassed within a 700 mile radius of both NYC and Washington, D.C.. We have many Eagles in these areas who are dispersing these crystals in the manner for which they were meant.

To make a rather long story short, we have attached some Word documents for you to read which will explain more fully what Ashtar and Sananda have instructed be done. Among these are Ashtars original channeling and instructions from Wed., Sept. 12th, and then Sanandas message and instructions from yesterday, Sept. 15th. IT IS IMPERATIVE that these messages get out to a wide audience. Will you please help?

In a nutshell, we are being asked to make bulk shipments of the Brotherhood and Unity water crystals, as well (and most importantly) the clean air crystals. All are explained in The Water Book, which we've attached. We normally send these crystals out on a love-donation basis, but due to the nature of the situation, we have been bulk shipping all the crystals that we have, at no charge, to those who are dispersing them for us within the 700-mile radii Ashtar gave us. All we ask now is that people help us get the word
out to their own lists. Will you help? We will gladly ship crystals to anyone in the affected areas, but would gratefully accept any kind of donations from those in other parts of the country/world to help us with our postage costs.

Further inquiries can be sent to:




Ashtar 9-12-01
Through Debbie Wright
Ashtars Trinity

A: Greetings. Have you missed me?
[asks everyone in the room to do the following, individually, as he observes: cough, hold hands out, stand up and turn around so he could see the back]

A: Now, were going to play the question game. If the answer is yes, raise your hand, quietly and quickly. Some of you might even raise your hand without your realizing it, then pause and go, Ahhh, I didnt do that. I dont need to do that and then youre going to raise it again. How many of you have had extreme pain in your body in the past 24 hours? How many of you feel that your eyes cannot possibly get any drier, like it feels like sandpaper when you blink? How many of you have felt pressure in your chest, as if you could not breathe, in the past 24 hours? How many of you have felt completely disconnected from everything in the last 24 hours? Now, how many of you, out of all of these things I just mentioned, have felt them for 3 or more days? Each one of you are empathic and you have taken on what has just happened, that has put everyone in fear. Some of you began taking it on long before it actually happened, because this was destined to happen, and you agreed to hold energy for this.

Now, do you want to know what I was looking for? Some of you took on the pain in the form of headaches, backaches and limb aches. How may of you feel as if you cannot hold your legs or arms still for longer than 5 minutes? This is the need to escape, that you have taken into your body. Those are the bodies that are still alive, that youre taking into you to hold energy for them. As far as the dry eyes, theres a lot of damage that has been done to the eyes of those that are helping out because of the dust, because of the fragments of glass, because of the broken cement that has been pulverized. And, yes, there is what you refer to as asbestos that is causing a lot of the eye problems as well as the lung problems. Those of you that have felt the pressure in your chest is from breathing in the dust, breathing in the asbestos, and helping transmute the fear. Fear settles itself in the back, in the head and in the chest. I will not differentiate for each of you which ones you are holding for, you more or less know that. This one has a wonderful little saying that she pipes off all the time, this through me, not to me. This will help, it will not cure, for you did this contractually.

Please be aware that this is not your pain, this is something that your bodies agreed to do. And since you are in co-partnership with your bodies, you get to live with it. However, there are things that you can do to ease this. Number one on the list, the more you pray the easier it gets. This is always a cure-all. Number two, the one that all of you love to hear so often, drink more water. For those of you that are holding the energy in your chest, it is IMPERATIVE that you practice deep breathing every time you can think of it during the course of a day, the deeper, the better. You must clear this from your body as part of the co-partnership of your body. Your bodies had no idea how empathetically strong they could take this energy in, and it is your part of the partnership to encourage the body to process these energies through as effectively as possible. Do you understand this? Do not hold on to the fear, hold on to the discomfort, hold on to the ache. They are you salvation at this time. Do you want to ask me why? Pain is your connection to this job. So many are feeling disconnected from being able to help. You KNOW you are helping. Your bodies are validating for you that you are helping. Do you accept this?
Group: Yes
A: Are you willing to relish the pain and the ache while these transform themselves within your bodies? Embrace it, love it, cherish it, just do not feed it. Spend some time being gentle to yourself while you are processing these energies. Do you understand?
I believe this one would say its time to kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things that you usually miss in your life. Did you hear what I just said? I believe its another one of those times for, Lets now count our blessings, shall we? Shall we talk about how many planes were supposed to have been blown up? Lets now and say we did. Lets just say that only a fraction of the damage actually got done, and those were for those that had contracted to do that. All the others we had the right to interfere with because those beings were not allowed to die. Do we understand?

We have felt it very important to come in and reiterate some information that youve been given before, and just remind you of this information. Where physical human body death is concerned, there are no accidents, therefore, there are no victims. They are just Souls awaiting transport. This is it. Remember this: this is not the only time it is contracted to happen. We are not allowed to forewarn. We cannot do that, for if we did that, it could be diverted through human freewill choice. And would that be fair to those Souls that contract to leave at that time? Is it the mass-consciousness freewill choice or prerogative to override body contracts? No, it is not.
B: And the ones that are the perpetrators, they contracted to do this?
A: Most definitely, most definitely. And we will not say who they are, for that would interfere with their contracts, also. Just do not believe everything you read, or hear, or see, for there are some in this reality that, yes, have mastered the concept of the idea that this life is an illusion, and this reality is an illusion and, therefore, it can be tampered with. Do we understand?

This is a stepping-stone, a joyous stepping-stone. We ask that you revel in the work that you are doing, for this is a grand moment in the transformation of this planet. When you have one isolated pocket on the face of this planet that has as much pull as this pocket has, the mass-consciousness is very strong here, very strong. And things just needed to be tampered with just a bit, 'allowed to happen. It was not made to happen, it was allowed to happen.
B: To break the will of our government?
A: We cannot say, in all honesty, to break the will of the government but, essentially, what we CAN say, is to bring the power of this government out into the light so that it can be seen TRULY seen. And the will of the peoples of this country, through these actions, will be brought face to face with the government that rules these people, over who has what right to do what in whose name. You understand?
B: Yes. It seems like right now Bush is stepping out trying to cause a war.
A: Allow the man to do his job. However, make sure that when he does his job in your name, that he is in his integrity, for that is what has been brought out into the light. And the light will continue now to shine on this, whether he tries to hide it or not. And when I say he in this circumstance do not get me wrong, it is a collective he that we mention.

It is very dense in this Nation, on this planet, right now. Very. As you noticed, there was a little respite from the energies and then, wham!, here it comes again. Please remember, you were warned of this, that, when you had the lulls, to rest up, were you not. Hmmm?
D: Ive been resting for the past two weeks.
A: Is that what you call that? <grin> I dont think that I would fit that in the same category as rest.
D: For some reason, it was hard to have any energy to do things.
A: Uh-huh. Now, when are you going back to work?
D: Whats that?
A: I am referring to the crystals that you hold guardianship over.
D: Well, when the time comes.
A: ITS COME! Now, I will help out the situation here, yes? Will this help? If I do what I was told to come here to tonight, are you ready?
D: It depends on what you came here to do.
A: THOUSANDS of crystalscharged and ready to be shipped. Because guess who needs it the most right now.
J: New York City.
A: And?
J: Washington, D.C.
A: And every place in between. How many do you have all ready to go?
D: I dont know, a couple of hundred.
A: How many do you have that could be ready to go?
D: Ill have to think about that one.
A: Please think about it quickly, for what I say this evening is going to be asked to be posted to all tomorrow.
D: Ive got a few thousand hanging around, if not more.

A: I am putting out a Call this evening to those that live in and around that area, within a 700 mile radius of both hit points [NYC and DC]. I need them to volunteer to be willing to place these within that radius, to make SURE that the toxins that have been put into the air because of this are cleaned as soon as possible. And in the doing so, I am asking contributions to be sent to this one [Dana], the one with the beard, scratching his neck, trying to pretend that Im not speaking of him, to help cover the costs of these, for they are expensive stones and the process takes a lot of energy.
D: And theyre getting harder to get.
A: And Im going to ask that the donations be sent separately, through this office, marked specifically for these air crystals. Then you are to sit down with these two [J&D] and decide how many crystals per donation, in bulk, that we could begin shipping to those that volunteer in those areas, to make sure that these crystals get sent out to that area immediately. Do we understand? Are you ready?
D: I was born ready.

A: The Call is going out. For all of the Eagles on the eastern seaboard of the United States, part of your current mission at this point in time is to make sure that this area gets saturated with the crystals, including the water crystals. Brotherhood crystals would be marvelous to put in waterways RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, for they CAN transmute toxins. Do we understand? This is not to spread fear, this is another call to action, I believe is what it was referred to before. And it is time.

Can you possibly imagine what it would be like in New York City at this moment if that city was completely saturated with the Brotherhood water?
B: We need to get it into the water system.
A: ALL water, yes? The Unity water, the coming together to enjoy, completely, what the Creator has deemed VITAL for mankind, community, sharing, peaceful, tranquil sharing of anger, of love, of astonishment, of shock, dismay, and even sorrow. You can see now how they are pulling together already. Imagine the quickest, easiest way to transform the sorrow, the rage and the fear into love, than to put these two waters into as many people as possible working in that area. The Freedom water will also assist those. In one month, if you have not allowed your body the opportunity to transform the energies that you are holding from this trauma, you will then be asked to do the Freedom water to break it before it (trauma) becomes an addiction to your body. If you are working with ANY that have gone into high fear over this and they hold it for ANY length of time, the Freedom water will break it before it (fear) becomes set as an addiction within them. Rage can become set, and Freedom will break it.

It is no coincidence that these waters became available before this happened. It is no coincidence that these air crystals have been charged before this happened. Do you understand?
D: Well, this planet stinks.
A: This is true. You use petroleum products for everything, what do you expect? However, this is one of those times when these air crystals are greatly needed. This is no choice. This is stressed VERY STRONGLY. Do not add words to my words when speaking of this, do not add fear when speaking of this. These are just Golden Light Threads that have been already woven into the tapestry of this reality, and more of the tapestry needs to be done with those Golden Threads. Do we understand this?

Now, you tell me how are YOU going to assist this Nation with this problem?
R: I dont know offhand. I need to meditate on it.
A: This is good. This is what all of you can benefit greatly from, meditating on this question. Each of you in this room, each of you that will read this later, have a MINIMUM of five contractual missions tied in to what has just happened. Five. So what are you going to do about it? I cannot cheat TOO much, for then I would be going against my own orders, although I have had to promise my brother Sananda that before I leave, I will allow him to come in and take over.
J: So he can have his chocolate.
A: Exactly. He wants to know if its possible to get a taste of the cake, too, because he also heard THAT mentioned. <sigh>
J: Ill have to think on that one. LOL
A: Oh, he says, just a taste. And we will make sure its after I am gone, yes?


If you would like to order these crystals please go here:


Another message about the Rainbow Cross Project. This one is from Our Beloved Brother, Lord Sananda, Jesus The Christed ONE.

My Dearest Eagles,

As you well know, we are now working at our hardest in coordination with
each of you, to prevent a war on your planet, which would be a war based on
nothing but ego. War WILL happen, however, the war that will happen is not
scheduled yet. When these two first set up this list, it was set up for
'chatter', for expressions of personal beliefs, expressions of personal
feelings, and all other expressions that are personal. <sigh> [you may
tell them that I sighed]

As of the posting of this message, I am asking these two to put a stop to
this for the present time. As this office and those that have their hearts
based within this office are expending much energy in the launching, the
activation, and the pursuance of what they lovingly term 'Rainbow Cross', I
now plea to you. send your chatter to other lists. This list, from this
posting on, shall be used solely for the purpose of Rainbow Cross. Part of
Rainbow Cross' mission will be for the support and the encouragement and the
sending of love and energies to those that have been personally affected by
this tragedy. These are your brothers and sisters that are living within
the horror that you've only seen pictures of. These are your brothers and
sisters that are breathing, sleeping, walking and listening to the
monstrosities that are happening as they happen. For any of you that cannot
understand the horror that they live with, day in, day out, as the days pile
up on them, ASK them, pull it out of them, show them that you are willing to
assist them in taking some of these negative energies FROM them to transmute
FOR them, since they are in a state of being overwhelmed. THIS is your job.
This is the true meaning of the word 'family'. You are their family. Start
being such! If they say, or if they type, words that do not resonate with
you, BEFORE you sit in judgment of them, my request is that you put yourself
in the position that they are in, FULLY and COMPLETELY, before you decide to
throw that judgment. For all of my loved ones that are there in this pain,
in this suffering, I send you love.
[Sananda takes deep, long breaths]
I just breathed it [love] out of me, and as you read these words, breathe it
into you. deeply. Take it into yourselves and allow it the healing work
that it is. It is compassion, it is tranquillity, it is peace, and most
importantly, it will bring you back to your center. Any time that you feel
things around you becoming out of control again, save this, read this, and
when you reach the part when I just breathed out my love to you, breathe it
into yourselves again, and again, and again, and as often as you need to,
to assist you in coming back into clarity, in coming back into love. I
beseech you to please, please, do as I have instructed your brothers and
sisters on this list. when you hear or read of something that is not in
love, even if it is aimed directly at you, breathe, release, and allow
whoever says these things their own release. Do not take it personally.
Allow them, just as your brothers and sisters here will allow you.

Use this list to coordinate efforts with this office. For those of you who
have volunteered to hold space, please continue doing so. Do not spread
yourselves too thin, thinking that since you are there right there where
things are happening, that you must distribute, you must help more. For
those of you that are holding these energies and redirecting these energies,
you are expending far more energies than you could possibly imagine.

At the end of each day, put yourselves in the center of the Three-Fold
Flame, perform it a minimum of 7 times upon your being. That will assist you
in transmuting the energies that will, in the natural course of action, come
back to you for being the holders of the energies that your brothers and
sisters will be sending to you.

This is your time for your missions to become clearer to each of you. Once
the energetics of this trauma have been purified, transmuted and taken to a
higher level, then and only then shall I allow these two to allow this list
to become a place of chatter once again. If some of you wish to remove
yourselves from this list and the obligation that this list now carries,
Namaste. You must follow your heart. And we will welcome you back when
these times are done. For those of you that wish to stay to work with your
brothers and sisters in this area, please send this information elsewhere so
that others that may not have been a part of this list, yet are in these
areas, might have a safe place to come to for assistance, for energy, for
love, and for compassion.

Sananda Yeshua ben Joseph

On 14 Sep 2001 01:44:59 -0000, "Janisel" <> wrote:

We hope that you have the opportunity to read the information that
through in last night's channeling from Ashtar. We have already had
volunteers that live within these areas contact us offering to
the crystals. We have also had donations come in. NOTE: Please let
know if your donations are for this crystal project. We are dubbing
Project: Rainbow Cross (the enlightened version of the Red

We need a coordinator to be the main 'contact point' for all those who
out in the field distributing the crystals. Do we have a volunteer
for this

We would also like for all of you living within the two 700-mile-radii
please contact us IMMEDIATELY, especially if you are able to assist
this project. If you are not able to assist with this project,
perhaps you
can volunteer to be a 'stop-off' point for those who are going to be

We are coordinating with Dana concerning the distribution of the air
crystals, and are now in the processes of charging a nano-gazillion
Brotherhood and Unity crystals for this project. Just from the
Brotherhood/Unity/Air crystals that Deb and I have sitting here in the
office, we have enough for the first shipment to go out tomorrow.
Now, all
we need are volunteers who will accept this crystals and begin putting
out immediately.

Deb has figured out (the Virgo she be), an approximate radius around
each of
the two hit sites, and there are 14 States involved. Those involved
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass., Conn., Rhode Island, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
North Carolina. PLEASE NOTE: If your State is listed here, it does
necessarily mean that it is the entire State, it may only be sections.
see a picture of the map to determine if YOUR town is within those
please go to

We want to thank Terri for putting this up for us so quickly. We
honor her
work with us. Bear with us, we are just beginning the coordination of
Project: Rainbow Cross. We will appreciate any suggestions and any
We will be posting additional notices as they occur. Thank you.

Love and Light,
Janisel and Deb


Message of Love from Milly

(Please scroll down for Milly's "Healing with the Green Flame" article)


Hi All<3<3<3
Holding all my loving friends in Golden Love & Light for the highest good and pray that by now you are coming to terms with the tragedy. Know that all is as it should be.

Please hold those in your prayers who are responsible as well as those who sacrificed their lives so that the Great awakening can happen...Be sure their has been a great awakening.

Many souls are waking up from their slumbers. They do not have the time to wake up and be ready at leasure like the time we had. Have compassion for them and help them with your thoughts, words and actions..for these are the ways of Divinity in Action...

The one's who perform these terrible acts are the one's who needs our ultimate Compassion & Love.

Who are we to forgive?? Leave that to the Father .... These are the great testing time...Will you open your Divine Heart and Let God work through you? Or do you still want to sleep???.. The choice is always left to you.. God will not interfere and he will love you as always ... No matter whatever your choice.

We should honour these souls who agreed to play the negative roles so that the humanity may wake up
to the consequences of terrorism....FEAR the ultimate negative emotion which prevents us from realising the Oneness with The Divine Creator and all of us..

God Bless you all I'll be off line for couple of days as I am going out of town...
but I'll be with you all in Spirit.

Cascading you all with Golden Love & Light


Healing with the Green Flame


We are the group of the Emerald Healing Star and we have been designated the job of healing the earth in her time of releasing and ascension.
We are here to work with the green ray of healing and as it is a very cooling and soothing color we can focus it into the heart of the mother earth. We are positioned in the universe at a very high level and we are able to work with many beautiful souls who are ready to accept the green flame into their heart and pass it into the heart of mother earth.....Anybody who wishes to be a part of this healing project can call us anytime and we are ready to help.

I am the Master Hilarion and I have been designated this project so anyone who wishes to join us ... Please call on me or the group and we will assist you as in assisting you we assist ourselves and the earth.

To call us, please be in silence and request the Emerald Star healing group to send the green flame into your heart and request the green flame to heal for your highest good. When you feel you had enough then please close with the affirmation that you are healed. Then allow yourself the time to come back to the physical awareness and go about doing what you have to on the physical dimension.

We as a group are honored and please call on us anytime and we will assist you ....

This message has been channeled through the one who calls her self the Space Cat and at her request we are sending this call out to one and all.

Please understand that you are going through a lot of healing and as the healing takes place you will face many challenges; however, do not fear. You are all well looked after and loved ... let all that needs healing surface and release it ... Just let it go ... Do not dwell on it or try to hold onto it by spending your precious energy.

Also, be loving and gentle with yourselves. You all have done a great job and are all loved by the Divine Creator ... We now take your leave and may the blessings of the Divine Creator always be with you.

Cascading You All With Golden Love and Light,

Milly <{:))

February, 2001


Thank you DEAR Milly the Spacecat and Deidre Madsen for this.
I borrowed these words to add to my site so that more and more people can read these words.....

PLEASE.... click on the picture below and it will take you to beautiful Deidre's TWEEN site......


Here are some Affirmations that were shared. One can say each day to help make you feel stronger each day that goes by.


We know that Jesus also received training from the Eastern Masters in the
retreats in the Himalayas in preparation for his mission. He brought back
with him mantras of Lord Maitreya, the one who is known as the Coming
Buddha--a close colleague, you might say, of Lord Gautama Buddha. So, I
would like to give for you now the Transfiguring Affirmations:

Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ

I AM the Open Door which no man can shut
I AM the Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world
I AM the Way
I AM the Truth
I AM the Life
I AM the Resurrection
I AM the Ascension in the Light
I AM the fulfillment of all my needs and requirements of the hour
I AM abundant Supply poured out upon all Life
I AM perfect Sight and Hearing
I AM the manifest Perfection of being
I AM the illimitable Light of God made manifest everywhere
I AM the Light of the Holy of Holies
I AM a son of God
I AM the Light in the holy mountain of God

The energy of these affirmations continues to flow after they are given, for
the very power of the Word draws from the central sun within our heart and
the Central Sun of a cosmos the energy for our wholeness, for the balance of
the life-force of Father and Mother.

The Call to the Fire Breath of God is a call to the Holy Spirit manifest
through Alpha and Omega. It is for the balancing of the elements of fire,
air, water and earth in the four lower bodies and for the setting of the
soul in balanced contact with its own divine counterpart, the I AM THAT I
AM. Before giving this decree, we take a deep breath. This is how it goes:

Call to the Fire Breath

I AM, I AM, I AM the Fire Breath of God
>From the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega.
This day I AM the Immaculate Concept
In expression everywhere I move.
Now I AM full of Joy,
For now I AM the full expression of Divine Love.

My beloved I AM Presence,
Seal me now within the very heart
Of the expanding Fire Breath of God.
Let its purity, wholeness and love
Manifest everywhere I AM today and forever.

I accept this done right now with full power!
I AM this done right now with full power!
I AM, I AM, I AM God-Life expressing Perfection
All ways at all times.
This which I call forth for myself
I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet.

When we give this call, we are mindful of the words of Jesus "Whatsoever ye
ask the Father in my name that will he give you." We have the absolute
conviction that because we make this call to the fire breath in the name of
Jesus Christ, in the name of Mary the Mother, it will manifest for every
man, woman and child upon this planet. This is the universal power of the
science of the spoken Word that Jesus taught us and that we can demonstrate
daily in Mother Mary's sacred ritual of the rosary.

And so if we are going to raise up the light of Mother, which is such a
cosmic force for creativity within us, we must enlist that emissary of God,
Archangel Michael, to come to our aid and protection. This we can do by
giving a simple call to Michael the Archangel that goes like this:

Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!

I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!
I AM his Love protecting here!

We find that it is often necessary to call forth the intercession of the
angelic hosts of light in our daily lives. We call to Archangel Michael
because it is his office to defend our faith and to defend the flow of
Father, Mother and Son within our consciousness.

ECP: The I AM Lord's prayer is an advanced form of the Lord's Prayer. Jesus
gave the I AM Lord's Prayer to his inner disciples, who had a deeper
understanding of the mysteries of God. They understood that God is within
the temple and that the affirmation of that God is the highest form of
prayer and even the highest form of the command. We have this prayer today
because the Ascended Master Jesus Christ has dictated it to the Messenger
Mark Prophet. Mother Mary asked to have this prayer included in the daily

Q: How does it go, Mrs. Prophet?

ECP: Bear in mind that the name I AM has the inherent meaning "God in me
is." When we say "I AM THAT I AM" we are affirming God above/God below where
we are. This prayer uses the name I AM to amplify God's energy within us:

I AM Lord's Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name, I AM.
I AM thy Kingdom come
I AM thy Will being done
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven
I AM giving this day daily bread to all
I AM forgiving all Life this day even as
I AM also all Life forgiving me
I AM leading all men away from temptation
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition
I AM the Kingdom
I AM the Power and
I AM the Glory of God in eternal, immortal manifestation--
All this I AM.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, don't you think that a lot of people will see this as the
ultimate ego trip?

ECP: Precisely. And therein lies the danger. The one who declares that his
untransmuted, unredeemed self is one with God is one who blasphemes. But the
one who has actually internally felt the Presence of God enter him as the
descent of the Holy Ghost and who has that Presence in his temple can unite
his energy, his consciousness and his being with that God of very gods who
lives within his temple. He can make his voice one with the voice of God.
Indeed, he can become the mouthpiece of God, who is answering the first
prayer, which says, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy
kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Now he can say,
"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, I AM," and he can hear
God speaking through him: "I AM thy kingdom come. I AM thy will being done.
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven."

This is the tremendous authority of the Trinity within us--God the Father as
the one who releases the Law and the decree, God the Son as the wisdom of
that decree, and God the Holy Spirit as the action of that decree. This
Trinity within us takes over our prayer and instantaneously, simultaneously
becomes the answer to the call or the fulfillment of the demand that we
place upon life.

And so when we pray and when we understand that we are praying as sons of
God, we know that we have the authority to cast out demons, to exorcise evil
spirits, to command "Peace, be still!" to the waters. This is not something
that we attribute to man or to the carnal mind or to the lesser self. There
is only one power that can act and it is the living God. There is only one
God and without him we can do nothing. It is the Father in us who doeth the
work. A part of this great work is the decree itself. The decree sets the
energy in motion. It's a fiat, it's a blueprint,
it's a matrix of life. And so we say, "I AM giving this day daily bread to
all. I AM forgiving all life this day even as I AM also all life forgiving
me." We are simply saying, "God in me is giving this day daily bread to all.
God in me is forgiving all life this day even as God is all life forgiving
This constant affirmation of oneness with the one God is the only means to
salvation. And the affirmation itself is the ritual through the science of
the spoken Word whereby we do inherit immortality.

Q: It is the true mystic's prayer, isn't it?

ECP: Indeed it is and it must be correctly understood or else it will be

The first prayer that Mother Mary has made a part of the ritual of the
rosary is the Keeper's Daily Prayer. The Keeper is the keeper of the flame
of life, and this is the calling of every son and daughter of God. This
prayer is an affirmation of the flame within us, the consuming fire that is
the reality of our God-identity. Devotees in both the East and the West have
long used beads for the counting of prayers. Catholics use rosary beads in
the recitation of the rosary, and the cross forms a part of the chain of
beads. In our Church, we hold the cross as we give the Keeper's Daily
Prayer. This is how it goes:

The Keeper's Daily Prayer

A Flame is Active--
A Flame is Vital--
A Flame is Eternal.

I AM a God Flame of radiant Love
>From the very Heart of God
In the Great Central Sun,
Descending from the Master of Life!
I AM charged now
With beloved Helios and Vesta's
Supreme God Consciousness
And Solar Awareness.

Pilgrim upon earth,
I AM walking daily the way
Of the Ascended Masters' Victory
That leads to my eternal Freedom
By the power of the sacred fire
This day and always,
Continually made manifest
In my thoughts, feelings and immediate awareness,
Transcending and transmuting
All the elements of earth
Within my four lower bodies
And freeing me by the power of the sacred fire
>From those misqualified foci of energy within my being.

I AM set free right now from all that binds
By and through the currents of the Divine Flame
Of the sacred fire itself,
Whose ascending action makes me
God in manifestation,
God in action,
God by direction and
God in consciousness!

I AM an active Flame!
I AM a vital Flame!
I AM an eternal Flame!
I AM an expanding fire spark
>From the Great Central Sun
Drawing to me now every ray
Of divine energy which I need
And which can never be requalified by the human
And flooding me with the Light
And God-illumination of a thousand suns
To take dominion and rule supreme forever
Everywhere I AM!

Where I AM, there God is also.
Unseparated forever I remain,
Increasing my Light
By the smile of his radiance,
The fullness of his Love,
The omniscience of his Wisdom,
And the power of his Life eternal,
Which automatically raises me
On ascension's wings of Victory
That shall return me to the Heart of God
>From whence in Truth
I AM come to do God's Will
And manifest abundant Life to all!

Each time you give this daily prayer, you are entering into the ritual of
God whereby life within you is becoming more of that life which is the life
universal and triumphant.

Mrs. Prophet, why is the Keeper's Daily Prayer such an important part of the
ritual of Mother Mary's scriptural rosary?

ECP: The Keeper's Daily Prayer is a universal creed that may be pronounced
by men of all religions. It actually defines the identity of the son or the
daughter of God as a flame.
As the Apostles' Creed provided the theme for the Christian dispensation, so
this prayer is a declaration of faith for sons and daughters of God in the
New Age. It centers the consciousness in the flame of God and does not bind
the soul to man-made doctrine or timeworn dogma.

As we begin the Keeper's Daily Prayer, we affirm our identity as a flame.
This is our essence. We are flaming sons and daughters of God, and so we

A Flame is Active--
A Flame is Vital--
A Flame is Eternal.

With these words, we meditate on the concept that we are active, lively
Spirit-sparks. We are vital and we are eternal. Then we affirm, "I AM a God
Flame of radiant Love from the very Heart of God in the Great Central Sun,
descending from the Master of Life!" Remember that whenever we use the name
I AM we are saying, "God in me is." And therefore when we
say, "I AM a God Flame," we are saying, "God in me is a God Flame right
where I am. I am the radiance of love and I come from the Great Central Sun.
I come from the white fire core that is the center of a cosmos and I am
descending from the Master of Life, who is God."

All people need to have this sense of identity, this sense of origin. We
want to know where we came from. When we finally trace our ancestry back to
a beginning, we know the lineage of the human descent but our soul longs for
something more--and this is the prayer that gives it.

Next we affirm, "I AM charged now with beloved Helios and Vesta's supreme
God Consciousness and Solar Awareness." We are saying, "God in me is
charging me now with Helios and Vesta's awareness of God." Helios and Vesta
are the masculine and feminine polarity of God who hold the flame in the Sun
behind the sun in the center of this solar system.

Every solar system, every galaxy has a focalization of the Father-Mother God
personified in a son and a daughter who are twin flames and whose
consciousness has evolved to that place where they include in their own
self-awareness an entire solar system and all of its evolutions. Thus the
ensouling light of our physical sun comes from a consciousness in that point
that we call the Sun behind the sun. In this prayer we meditate upon that
Father-Mother God flame that nourishes life in our system of worlds.

We say, "Pilgrim upon earth, I AM walking daily the way of the Ascended
Masters' Victory." And so we see ourselves as the soul on earth, in earth's
schoolroom, walking the way of the Ascended Masters' victory. This is the
way of the Christ, the way of the Buddha and the way of the Mother.

This way is a path of initiation. It's part of the great drama, moving from
the point of origin, the point of Alpha, to the point of the conclusion, the
point of Omega. We traverse those cycles that are necessary for the alchemy
of the redemption that must precede the resurrection and then the ascension.
This way "leads to my eternal Freedom by the power of the sacred fire this
day and always, continually made manifest in my thoughts, feelings and
immediate awareness, transcending and transmuting all the elements of earth
within my four lower bodies and freeing me by the power of the sacred fire
from those misqualified foci of energy within my being."

Those who have the mystical awareness of the God within will see in this
prayer an actual formula for the translation, or the transmutation, of the
elements. This prayer activates the flame of God within us. The confirmation
of the law by the science of the spoken Word activates the process of that
law, the alchemy of God, within us each day.

So we affirm, "I AM set free right now from all that binds by and through
the currents of the Divine Flame of the sacred fire itself, whose ascending
action makes me God in manifestation, God in action, God by direction and
God in consciousness!" When we say, "I AM set free right now from all that
binds," we are saying, "God in me is setting me free." We're affirming it,
we're invoking it, we're decreeing it, and our fiat is one with the fiat of
Elohim. We are saying, "The sacred fire has an ascending action, making me,
right where I am, the manifestation of God, the
action of God, the direction of God and the consciousness of God." This
delineates fourfold being, which is right in line with the concepts of the
ancient alchemists who referred to the fourfold nature of man as fire, air,
water and earth.

Alchemy is the key whereby we move from the planes of matter to the planes
of Spirit. And this prayer is an alchemical formula. Even children love it.
The prayer continues: "I AM an active Flame! I AM a vital Flame! I AM an
eternal Flame! I AM an expanding fire spark from the Great Central Sun
drawing to me now every ray of divine energy which I need and which can
never be requalified by the human and flooding me with the Light and
God-illumination of a thousand suns to take dominion and rule supreme
forever everywhere I AM!"-- everywhere God is.

Now we have the affirmation of being as fire. As Moses taught us and as we
read in Hebrews, "Our God is a consuming fire." The qualities of this fire
enable us to put on the consciousness of God. The flame is a magnet. It
draws to us every erg of energy that we need to perform our perfect service.
In this prayer we affirm that because this energy is God's, it cannot be
requalified by our human consciousness. We must affirm this because often we
are tempted to qualify God's energy with our human will and perhaps even
with hatred and with fear and anxiety.

Next we affirm, "Where I AM, there God is also. Unseparated forever I
remain, increasing my Light by the smile of his radiance, the fullness of
his Love, the omniscience of his Wisdom, and the power of his Life eternal,
which automatically raises me on ascension's wings of Victory that shall
return me to the Heart of God from whence in Truth I AM come to do God's
Will and manifest abundant Life to all!"

I think this understanding is the most sacred gift that Mother Mary has
given to us: Where I am there God is also--right inside of me, right inside
of my heart. He is there but in order for him to act I must meditate upon
him, I must enter into the ritual of his alchemy, I must make every step be
his step and every walk, his walk.

Q: Mrs. Prophet, what is the outcome of this ritual that you describe?

ECP: New consciousness, new life--a joy that is indescribable!

To conclude this series of our studies on the human aura with Kuthumi, I
would like to invite all to give with me now Kuthumi's "I AM Light" mantra:

I AM Light

I AM Light, glowing Light,
Radiating Light, intensified Light.
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into Light.

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of Light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.
I AM an outpost of the Divine.
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of Light which I AM.

I AM, I AM, I AM Light;
I live, I live, I live in Light.
I AM Light's fullest dimension;
I AM Light's purest intention.
I AM Light, Light, Light
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

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