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This page is for those of you who would like to share your own personal channelings that YOU do.

The Time Of Ingathering



I am Cor Lee-Jahr, I bid you peace
And the love that Sananda holds in his heart is with you always. But there is more than that.
Everything loves you, assissts you and holds you tight when you are afraid.
We, the higher aspects of ALL, are saying these words without a doubt.
We are saying these things in purity. For it is time to feel, really feel the safety, the LOVE and the perfection in all things.
It has come to me, that this vessel (that be me, Marumba) has fears of stopping his own divine plan, if he does certain actions, or thinks in a special way. Or if he doesn't take care of certain fears that he still knows is there.
This is not possible. We, as the IAM'S of you, tell you softly, that it is all perfect. And you think, that you can disturb the perfection with your egos, or free will.
But we tell you, the light is so strong, and there will be no failure at all.
It is all one....what you call darkness as a bad thing, is just less light, and needs to be embraced.
But if you don't, will something bad happen? No, all is in perfect balance.
If we take a look at fear, we know and you know that it seems very real.
But you know also, that it is not. So don't you think, that something, that is not real could throw GOD out of his perfet "divine plan of love in experience??"
There is only perfection, and rest assured that it so.
All we are trying to do is assist you in experiencing this joyfully.
This is what free will is all about. We look "down" upon you and see so many people
choose to feel bad, instead of joy.
Some of us, has been with you, and still are "amazed' of the choices.
There is just so much love around you, and all is well.
We ask of you to laugh at these strange perceptions of YOU.
See yourself in front of two mirrors. One is reflecting a
wonderful huge GOD being, and the other
is a colorless mirror without Light.
Which one are you looking at?
And let us remind you, that none can see oneself in the mirror without Light.
There simply would be no rflection, and what is left, is the experience of a physical body.
Who is afraid. And without any true power
In the struggle for manifestations, you think you can do
something wrong.
But how many times do we have to hear the words: "everything
is in perfect order???"
Everything is divinely times???
That we are GODS trapped in the illusion of fear,
and that nothing is real but love???
We don't say these things because we want to trick
you, we say these things because it is TRUTH.
All the way through distant galaxies, this is TRUTH.
No matter what label there is put on anything, love is the true Source, and is the ultimate power.
We ask you to blindly trust, that whatever you do, it
is right.
There are no limits to the rightness in things.
As in us, so in you.
As in heaven, so on earth.
This is what is also meant by that sentence.
The heaven IS you, you I AM, and you need nothing more than
to open your heart, and it will enter you.
We let our love come to you, and the I AM resides within
everything and is always there.
The merge of ALL is in ALL, and we say no more, for it is
So it is, I AM................ ALL

A channeling from a Dear and Close Friend.
We've been friends since I began my awakening over 8 years ago. A very wise being this friend is............

What you express is the 'quandary' of the awakening mind. For so long, stuck in the old program, you did not know of any other alternative life. You followed the rules, believed what you were told about your God (or Gods as the case may have been) and all the "Powers" who ruled the Earth, symbolically as "religion"; as "money (gold)" and of course, as "politics or the State". It did not matter what these called themselves, whether Christian or Buddhist; bullion or dollars, conservatives or communists... they were all the same, because they represented unseen forces who controlled the affairs of this world from other 'places' which according to this information giver, were huge space stations orbiting in 'un-natural' orbits across this solar system and others. These would be the ones sometimes known as the Anunaki from the 12th Planet.

These beings took over the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, but "man" in proper form already existed here. This "man" whom the Anunaki tried to destroy was here millions of years ago. Then there was the invasion, the cloning, the horror of attempted nuclear 'extermination' and the attempts to re-form Earth life in a way pleasing to the invaders, the Anunaki, whose dwindling descendents are now known simply as 'the grays' today. Throughout this apparent sad history as the slaves of these "gods" you still remembered your distant past as children of "Source" (as Adra An calls this energy) and you struggled to free yourselves by coming to know yourselves. Of course, every time you discovered some truth about your true past, you were singled out and killed and those who thought other than within programming, were called 'sinners' and had to repent and return to worshiping the so-called one God. There never was such a God. He was a fabrication from the chief priests of Anu.

This "God" hated humanity as it was then living on Earth, but particularly, he hated the female Human because she was stronger, more intelligent and more connected to the life cycles of the planet. There is so much to say about that. This human female was re-designed, weakened, filled with fear. Her cycles were tied to the moon, instead of the Earth, and she suffered greatly from being so disconnected. The moon was brought closer to earth to upset the cycles, to create tides and to keep things ever in chaos. Death was brought to earth, even in non-human life forms so that the human would believe death was a natural occurrence in 'nature'. The so-called predator-prey 'relationship' was artificially instituted on the planet AFTER the flood. As was the eating of meat, which went with the necessary shedding of life blood - necessary to promote and maintain a fear-based control of Earth based human life. As a little extra information: The capstone which once graced the top of the Great Pyramid -- and there were others placed in critical positions throughout the planet, was a tool, a transmission station to keep a lower than normal vibration over the planet. This was a vibration of fear which induced life forms to attack, kill and eat one another. It was not so in the beginning, and was never so intended.

Lies upon lies upon lies were forced into human consciousness until hardly a memory of the past remained. Though man spoke of 'love' he was incapable of understanding its meaning, so he called his greatest surge of intimacy 'love'. The sex act became love, and when two humans came together to procreate, or to give in to the desires of their bodies, they called it 'being in love' - and that may well be the greatest and deepest lie ever brought to this world. Thus did love become ugly and evil. Love became jealous, limited, small, hurtful and gave reason to kill!

But how I go on. You know this. What you do not know, as awakening beings, is who you are. You are 'remembering' and empowering yourselves to inherit a new Earth based on unconditional love. Worry not whether you inherit this from this body of flesh or not: you are inheriting your new Earth! There may be an ascension of the flesh, but that is not the concern. The concern is that you hold on. Love as much as you know how. Give up on all judgment day by day. Accept what seems even unacceptable, especially if there is nothing to be done about it. Look forward, in your meditations and prayers, and 'see' a white path of light before you. That is your path, no one else's. No one can walk that path; no one else can see that path - only you. Know yourself. Go within, as deep as you can, so deep that all the surface noise of this world is lost to you, and there, take stock of who you are and what you are about.

There isn't much to do, except in loving those humans and other life forms, who come into your awareness daily. There is no "System" to destroy or change. No gods to worship. No "alien" life forms to fear, or to rely on for deliverance. There are no wars to fight. No kingdoms to build. No rulers to support. No insurance to buy. There are no toys; there is no technology to seek after. There is you. There is only you. Each one of you is all there is. When you are all there is... that is when you are again 'in the image of your Creator' ... for the Creator did make you and your worlds... and you are still formed in that image, which is pure love, and that Creator is "Source" as correctly and properly called. Yes, you are children of Source. Yes, you were 'sacrificed' for a time in darkness and misery. No, it wasn't all entirely by your choice, for the horror would have kept you from coming here, had you truly known what it was like. Yes, many 'forces' contributed to cause you to come to a fallen Earth system; many forces, you might say, "lied" to you so you would come of your own free will - though one could question that free will when not based on complete truth! But you were needed, it's that simple... and what was known was this:


You will understand that 'creation' is a moving force. It moves away from itself, always into an unknown. No one, not even the Source, knows where creation goes. To move it forward, it takes willing souls to create new things, and many, many terrible as well as beautiful things are done. Many are the 'mistakes' that take place when creation moves forth... The Creative energy is free energy. It follows no known laws or rules; not until it is fully 'established' and only then do rules engineer themselves temporarily to sustain the new thing. All "law" is subject to change and to end, being a part of the created order. The only "law" which exists in creation as it moves into its endless unknown is the law of 'motion' outward. Any other "law" imposed by lesser rulers are illegitimate 'laws' designed solely to disempower the Earthean human.

Be aware!

Spoken by Phaelon, through Sha'Tara

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