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I am offering two different types of readings to start out.
They are Angel Oracle Readings and Fairy Oracle Readings.
You can pick one or both. Basically they do work together so it would be good for you to pick both, but then you may feel you connect more with the Angels, or more with the Fairies.

I have been practicing reading myself, my husband, and two friends now and have been totally amazed at how exactly accurate I am. Then last night I asked them to tell me what they wanted me to know at that moment. I pulled the Listening card from the Angels and the Intuition card from the Fairies. They both basically told me the same thing. Listening to messages and going with my intuition.

I woke up this morning with them telling me to start this new page on my site and start offering READINGS. They reminded me of pulling those two cards and LISTEN to my INTUITION on starting to do readings.

Later I will be offering Rune Readings, Eyptian Readings and Native American readings.

I will be charging for these readings because of the intnse energy, plus the time consumption that it takes for me to do these readings on top of school and working.

Angel Readings:

One card Reading. 5.00
What your Angels want you to know at that moment.

Past-Present-Future Reading. 15.00

Year Spread Reading. 25.00

Fairy Readings.

One Card Reading. 5.00
What the Fairies want you to know in regards of something in your life.

Three Card Reading. 15.00

Intuitive Reading. 25.00
3 month increments.

Combines Readings Using both Angel and Fairy Cards.

One Card Reading. 12.00

Three Card. 17.00

One Year Spread.
Intuitive. 53.00

Okay. This is how this is going to work.

Pick your reading from either the Angels or the Fairies. Or if you chose, pick both.

Meditate deeply on your question.

If it a one card reading, decide on if you want them to tell you what THEY want to let you know to work on in your every day life, or what they want you to know by the time you get my reading.

If it is a Three card reading, Think about an issue in your life that you would like the answer to, and the same with the year spread.

Write out your question. Or you can type it out.

I am asking you to send it snail mail. Sorry. I am not taking credit cards. I am asking for check or money order.
You can decide if you'd like me to snail mail you back, or you can give me your email address and I will return your reading by email.

So mail me your reading requests to:

TamiShan Boyd
3710 N. Union
Ponca City, OK. 74601

Email me at and let me know that you are sending me a request for a reading.

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