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Channelings From Our Teachers

Beloved, I AM what I AM

Beloved I Am Is Your Name


Tell Me, what do you seek, all my dear little lambs midst tumultuous life
upon Earth?
Tell Me, whence came that nudge, that compelled you to budge from your lodge
since your moment of birth?

Why has all of your striving been tinged with a lack as an empty spot within
the full?
Do you know who you are? -- that you came from afar? have you not felt that
other-world pull?

You are angels of Light from a far better place, now imprisoned within that
dross frame.
You are gods coming home with your talents full grown and Beloved I Am is
your name.

Oh yes, it was true, that your flesh was so weak and emotion-tossed hither
and fro,
While dark memories arose to add weight to your goals as your thinking spun
out of control.

There were times, you recall, when not godlike at all, that you whined and
you simpered and choked,
When the dark was so great, and your load such a weight that you seemed
hardly able to hope.

Through the voice in your heart, from it's home set apart, hear the promise
of better tomorrows:
You may shed now your ashes and sackcloth and fears and your drowning in
oceans of sorrows.

For no more must you cry as you beat on your breast and no more shall your
tears fall as rain.
You are gods, don't you see -- oh my dears, you are free! and Beloved I Am
is your name.


Think no more of the pain, oh my dear little lambs, nor of hurt nor of
sorrow and guilt,
'Tis all long past and gone, though it helped you along on the road home
which these heartaches built.

All these lessons were there for a purpose, you know, for to make you more
homesick each day,
For the place in your heart where all pain must depart as your feet found
the steps on the Way.

And for what other reason can you 'ere suppose that you gods would be
fettered and lame?
But to make you undo and start living anew as Beloved I Am - that's your

You are gods, don't you know, can't you feel it is so in the shimmering
flame in your heart?
It will glow, it will grow, just step into the flow and come home, never
more to depart.

So break out of your bonds, they are all self-imposed and cast off all the
veils and the chains!
You may blaze them away and grow brighter each day by the grace of the pure
Violet Flame!

Oh, I know it seems strange as you now see the truth that life's really no
more than a game.
Just a puzzle to solve and your *sin to dissolve, for Beloved I Am is your


Tell me why you resist, oh my dear my little lambs at the pull of this truth
on your heart?
You have but to make way for the dawning of day and take cue from this
light-filled new start.

Will you stop where you are now and think it all through of the wonder, the
hope and the awe?
Will you simply let go, will you follow the ray of the glory of God's gentle

Now Come Home my Beloved's, come back to the Love that is more than your
wisdom can claim.
We are One, you and I - you'll believe if you try that Beloved I Am is your

Won't you take back with joy that which was always yours and reclaim now
your birthright divine?
Yours, the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory this hour returned once again to be

You are gods, my Beloved's, so stand you now tall it is finished for you
upon Earth!
With your Plan so Divine and your balance aligned, you'll have conquered the
wheel of rebirth!

Now I welcome you home all my precious dear lambs, to My Gratitude, Peace
and Acclaim!
For at long last you know with a true inner-glow that Beloved I Am is your

This page is for those of you who would like to share your own favorite channelings that YOU feel would benefit those of us who are wanting to grow spiritualy.

WE speak to this phenomenon you have labeled "channeling" - for it is not
some supernatural magical thing. It is the activation of a BELIEF within
the RECEIVER that such phenomenon exists and can take place. Then. VIOLA."
channel transmissions" begin and are created through the Belief System of
the Listener/Channel, who is IN TRUTH, sending forth THAT WHICH IS ALREADY

It is not some identity or gift of "advanced" spiritual development. It is
a BELIEF that MANIFESTS as a Living Reality. The information that is
transmitted is directly related to THAT which can be voiced, put into words
of what is TRUE for the writer, the speaker WHO IS ALSO THE CHANNEL. If one
believes he or she can channel or contact departed relatives, then one will
channel or contact departed relatives. If one believes he or she can
channel God/Goddess, then one will channel or contact God/Goddess and send
forth information as to this or that, ALL filtered through the RECEIVER'S
concept of God/Goddess. If one believes he or she can channel alien life
forms, he or she will channel or contact such for this is the Creation of
the Believer. And so on. It is as simple as THAT.

WE speak to this today for there is much information flowing in this time
from many sources, many transmissions as pertains to personal, national and
global events. Many give their "power away" to such information as being
more right, more "in the know", more true than THAT which seeks to DIRECT
others for as Natural Process unfolds, you go into MOTION - moving into
like-to-like formation CREATING the BELIEF as a LIVING REALITY in the World
of Man.

The most important words WE say this day are:







Greetings dear friends, this is Ashtar! Nice to see you. Welcome back aboard the Pegasus.
We have been here together many times before. You mostly arrive here in your etheric bodies for debriefing, mission training and perhaps most importantly, healing. Now you are accessing our fleet on a more conscious level, and that is as it should be.
You see, the fact that you have found your way here is an indication to us - and a powerful sign to you, that you are making significant progress in you Earth missions. Well done! I see some sceptics out there in webland, so let me tell you that our prime directive (as it were), of late (1990s) has been mainly focused on waking you all up! That was a lengthy process in itself, so to have you before me today IS a big step forward!

Just by opening yourself to these words you have immediately become 'highly visible' to us - it is like being covered in luminous paint! This is allowing for a transfer of 'light packets of information' into your auric field that will accelerate your own spiritual growth at the appropriate time. All connecting to us here also receive a 'shower of blessings' from the Masters! Those of you who are open to the opportunity (which is most of you!) also agree that by accessing this site you give permission to be worked upon by the many loving 'Light Beings' upon Starship Pegasus at night while you sleep for 'light integration' and healing.

So now that you are hopefully starting to realise that there is more to your life here than soap operas, paying the bills, and generally staying alive, we can shift our focus. Most of you are now on 'conscious alert'. By that I mean that you have either embraced, or at the very least are open to, your association with the Command. Yes we are the airborne division of the 'Great White Brotherhood' which are the Ascended Masters of your Earth, dear Mother Gaia, and we (as are you), are from many diverse points of origin within the higher dimensions and the omniverse, all gathered together under the banner of Ashtar Command!

Now I want you to pay very close attention to what follows, think of these steps below as safe path through a minefield - the analogy is closer than you think!


1) Love everyone unconditionally - especially yourself !
2) NEVER criticise yourself (or anyone else).
3) Bless every situation in your life, regardless of whether you view it as 'good' or 'bad'.

4) Open your heart daily, and make a conscious choice to keep your heart open come what may.

5) Maintain a daily dialogue with your I Am Presence/God and ASK for what you need (in accordance with your highest good).

6) Do only that which makes you feel joyous and alive!
7) Believe in yourself, keep the faith and NEVER GIVE UP!

You may want to print, or write out these steps and post them in a place where you will see them every morning. You have asked me for help many times dear one, and I Am giving you help here. Forgetting to use these gifts is like forgetting you have a million pounds under your bed whilst you live in poverty !

I Am only the 'first mate' on this ship (we do not take our 'titles' too seriously), so I will step aside now and allow my beloved son, Commander Ishvar, Captain of the Pegasus to take over. My love and encouragement to you all, we are so proud of you, and remember NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!
Adonai, Ashtar.


New Channelled Message From Michael (through Yeoda October 2000)
Joyful blessings to you and yours as we come close again.

There are many souls whom you will meet who are seriously intent upon their ascension process while there are also many who wish to play with the idea of coming home. It is to the serious ones we wish to say.

Dear ones in the quiet yearnings of your heart and the divine centre of I AM within each one of you there is a stirring forth and a quickening at this time.

Please do not be dismayed at the stories you hear of the urgency of the way things are. Remember dearest ones that your reality is created from that which you believe and concentrate upon. It is grand indeed to feel compassion and wish to uplift your planet and we urge you to do this.

For indeed it is a loving service to yourselves. Yes truly, I say to yourselves. For in the projecting of your compassionate loving lights to your globe and all souls upon it and around it you help us to clean the energies so to speak. This is a constant and ongoing service that you all do whether you are aware of it or not.

You are aware of course of all the trouble spots where awakening souls are stirring and trying to deal with fear based memories of control and lack and it is to these we wish you to continue sending your light but be not too caught up in the process. When you lovingly become aware and stay detached your greatest light becomes available for the cleansing and healing process to continue.

Lightworkers everywhere must remember that to dwell upon a reality creates it within you all. So, I suggest that instead of talking constantly about the world problems and centering your energies upon them, that you might choose to envision a new reality for these troubled areas and in the process of holding the new love filled reality within your thoughts you will speed the process of divine healing and so speed peace upon earth - goodwill to all men.

It is such a challenge to stay centred on creating new energy when your compassionate beings become aware of dissension and hardship experienced by your brothers but you who are closer to the throne energies can lead the way to re create this peace on earth. We thank you for your loving service and we honour you in your journeys and acknowledge the stirrings of your angelic encodements. Know that we love you greatly and encourage you in your readiness to serve the light which you are.

My sword of light goes before you in every venture and my presence sustains you as you journey through your loved filled days .

Stay in the now beloved ones and just allow your light to enter into all situation which need uplifting but know that just being aware of the need fulfils and heals the need from your fountain of divinity.

I am Michael

Peace and love be upon you this day and forever more.



Beloved masters, WHAT IF I told you that you could have or become anything
you can think of or imagine? WHAT IF I told you that you have a magic key
that would unlock the door to all the treasures of this universe? WHAT IF I
told you that you have a team of helpers at your beck and call just waiting
for permission and instructions from you in order to assist you in
accomplishing anything you desire? WHAT IF I told you that God is waiting
for you to claim your birthright as a Divine Being of Light and to assist in
the creation of a new world and a new galaxy? WHAT IF I told you that you
can release all the pain, fear, struggle, lack, and suffering in your life
by just changing your thought patterns and your actions? WHAT IF I offered
to clear the path and show you the way so that you can move gracefully into
your new world of peace, joy, and harmony? Would you accept? Would you
agree? Would you believe it is possible? That is what is being offered to
each and every one of you, but you must make the decision to step forward
and declare your intentions.

Are you willing to step through the doorway to full consciousness? Are you
willing to leave your old world behind and enter the void of new creation
where all things are possible? There is nothing to fear, for the realm of
which we speak is the fifth dimension, a realm filled with teaming ideas and
thought forms waiting to be birthed in the physical expression. You have all
the knowledge you need and you are learning to tap into the inner wisdom
stored within your brain structure More and more of you are releasing the
outmoded, limited core memories that have kept you mired in the
third-dimensional illusion. You must now decide if you are willing to
release the structure and restrictions of your past and step out into the
unknown of the future.

We have given you the foundation for building your Pyramid of Power in the
fifth dimension and also how to create a box that symbolizes your
prosperity-a visual tool in which you can draw forth the energy and elements
of the fifth dimension. We understand that you need guidelines, examples,
and physical manifestations of how a new "higher reality" concept works We
wish to give you further instructions as to how to use this gift in the most
suitable and advantageous way. Now that you understand the rules of
solidifying your desires and what you wish to manifest in your life (writing
in detail what you wish to manifest, adding the positive emotional fuel,
attuning your desires with those of your Higher Self for the greatest good
of all, and taking the action necessary to bring your vision to fruition),
let us refine the process and take you to the next level of understanding.

Be aware that it is not really "things" you are seeking, but qualities,
virtues, and attributes which result in peace, joy, and harmony. You may
have a beautiful home, all the physical luxuries, a position of power with
great benefits and a huge income, and still be unhappy and unfulfilled. And
so after you have expressed all your desires for physical "things" it is
important to also define the quality of life you are striving to attain. You
might ask for a comfortable spacious home that meets all your physical
needs-surroundings in which you feel safe and secure and that give you a
feeling of serenity and joy. You might ask that all your needs and desires
be met even before you are aware of them-that there is a continuous flow of
all good things and God's blessings. Instead of focusing on a soul mate or a
particular relationship, see yourself surrounded with joyous, loving,
supportive friends and family, and a loving mate who will manifest at the
appropriate time. Spirit knows when you are ready for a lasting, fulfilling
intimate relationship, beloveds. Do not rush the process. Do not settle for
less than the highest choice. Concentrate on self-love and sharing your love
with others, and your relationships will become richer and more satisfying.

Do not focus on your ills, but strive for wholeness. Allow your sensitive
body to change and transform in its own good time. You did not become the
way you are in a few years, or even in a few lifetimes. Many of you are in
physical distress as you strive to bring yourselves back into perfection. We
have told you this many times, please remember you chose the physical vessel
you now inhabit, so claim it and honor it, and it will serve you well during
these times of accelerated transformation. Place in your prosperity box
ideas, attributes, emotional feelings, and the "State of Being" you would
like to attain in your life, and then allow Spirit to manifest all good
things in the right way and at the proper time. Keep it simple. After
writing down all the specifics in each area of your life (physical, mental,
emotional, spiritual, financial, career, creativity, relationships, and
social), state: I draw to me and through me all that I need now and in the
future to feel loved, joyous, peaceful, prosperous, useful, energetic,
healthy, and totally in harmony with my I AM Presence.

See your hands outstretched as millions of sparkling diamond crystal
pyramids fill them to overflowing, surrounding you and then radiating out
from you into the world for all to share. See yourself drawing to you the
unmanifested cosmic energy of Creation and envision it being molded into the
many facets of creation you desire.

Dear friends, are you taking full advantage of the power tools of Creation?
You must activate these and bring them into harmony within in order to
effectively use all the elements of the God Source. The elemental forces of
nature are major "elements" of God's creations: fire, air, earth, and water.
The elemental forces are also inherent within each living Being When you
first encased your Spiritual Self in a fleshly garment, you were balanced in
every aspect, including the elemental forces within. However, as time passed
and after many negative experiences, you began to favor or feel more
comfortable in one modality or another, thus becoming off center or

How are you using and expressing the element of FIRE? You need the quality
of fire to keep your inner power source burning bright. From the fire
element you draw your strength, courage, and will power. Fire energy is the
out-rushing force, the burning enthusiasm to create, expand, and experience.
When your fire power is low or not being used effectively you will have a
lack of vitality, and may experience depression or have survival/scarcity
issues. Some use their fire energy in spurts, starting a project or using
their power source, but they "burn out fast" and cannot keep up the
momentum. Others overuse their power source and when they do not listen to
the warning signals, they "break down." Others may wish, dream, and hope,
but do not follow through by using their fire power to mobilize themselves
into action in order to bring their dreams to fruition. Your Soul/Spirit
Self and body elemental will send you signals via heart problems, headaches,
sinus colds, burns, impatient outbursts, and accidents to let you know that
you are not using your fire power properly.

The AIR element/energy has to do with the mind and intellect, conscious
learning and communicating, as well as abstract, scientific, and inspired
thought. Your mental body, which uses air energy as fuel, is the doorway to
wisdom and the means by which you connect with the higher mental plane, the
great cosmic library, enlightenment, and the Mind of God. The ability to
think and reason using air energy is what distinguishes the human kingdom
from the animal and other kingdoms. There is insufficient air power when the
mind is not developed, and we do not mean just lacking in formalized
education, for there are many great minds and wise souls who have had very
little formal education, however, they have developed their minds and use
their air power in a multitude of ways and are stunning examples of how air
power can be used to its best advantage. The inability to communicate your
thoughts or to concentrate, or being rigid and fixed in your thinking are
all indications that you are not using your air powers in the proper way.
When this is the case, people become jealous of others and are dissatisfied
and confused. They become fearful, and as a result of their low self-esteem,
they fall into the trap of being critical and judgmental of others. Your
Soul/Spirit Self and body elemental will send you signals via problems with
the nervous system, lungs or respiratory system, blocked circulation, and
diseases of the brain. Use your air power, beloveds, to open your mind to
the vast possibilities that are within your reach.

The element/energy of WATER is the fuel of the emotional nature, which
results, when used properly, in a sense of well-being, peace, serenity, and
the ability to love and be loved and to take delight in the experience of
living and creating on the Earth plane. The emotions of the ego desire body
differ greatly from those of spiritual desire, for the ego is focused on the
little self and its needs and the Spiritual Self knows it is a part of the
greater whole. When you are not claiming or using the element of
water/emotional fuel properly, you may be overly sensitive and dependent on
others, or be possessive, indecisive, and have difficulty in making
decisions. Your Soul/Spirit Self and body elemental will send you signals
via problems with the stomach, breasts, and obesity, as well as bladder or
bowels. Using the power of the water element will help you bring your
emotional nature into harmony with Spirit, which results in an unshakable
faith and the knowledge that all is well, for you are guided by angels and
loved by our Father/Mother God.

As Starseed on an Earth mission, the power of the EARTH element is of vast
importance. Many of you are not well-grounded and have a deep-seated desire
to leave the Earth plane and return to your home among the stars. We
understand your yearning, dear ones, but you must also understand that it is
important that you be totally "in your body" in order to fulfill your
earthly mission. Not being anchored to the Earth or using your Earth power
results in survival/scarcity issues or a martyr/victim mentality,
indecisiveness, and the inability to control your destiny. The opposite is
being too focused on the material world to the detriment of the Spirit Self,
which leads to over-indulgence, greed, and a constant search for sense
gratification. Your Soul/Spirit Self and body elemental will send you
signals via skin and teeth problems, inability to handle sugar in the body,
intestinal discomfort, or arthritis or arteriosclerosis.

Beloveds, you were meant to live a long fruitful life and enjoy good health
and vitality until the time comes for you to step through the door or
transcend to the next level of Beingness. In the mind of God, you are
perfect, and it was not in the grand plan for you to suffer dis-ease and
discomfort in any way. It is not our intent to distress you or make you feel
guilty, but to offer you the knowledge and tools to reclaim your
magnificence so that you can experience your earthly sojourn as it was meant
to be. It is the time of year when the chalice of Love/Light and all the
blessings of Creation are poured down upon humanity and the Earth. Will you
open your heart and the chalice you hold within so that they may be filled
to overflowing? It is a time when the Starseed from many far-distant regions
come together in common purpose. It is decision time, beloveds. Will you
open the door of miracles and step through? We are waiting for you on the
other side. Know that we are ever near to guide, protect, and support you.
You are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

NV 89502 * 775-856-3654 * Email: * Website:


Dearest friends, I can't begin to tell you all the miracles that have
happened since AA Michael gave us the wonderful gift of the Pyramid of Power
in the fifth dimension and also working with our "Prosperity Box." I have
heard from people all over the world telling me of the instantaneous
miracles and how excited they are about the process and the tape. I will
share just a few examples with you to give you an idea what can be
accomplished. I mentioned that I had miraculously received all rights back
to On Wings of Light (after putting it in my prosperity box and turning it
over to Spirit). Also, I signed a contract two years ago with a group in
Europe to publish my trilogy., Once Upon A New World. It was to be printed
digitally, the new process of "books on demand" whereby 1 or 100 books could
be published. Despite their efforts, their process or marketing endeavors
did not fly. They also tried to establish a marketing outlet here in the US,
but to no avail. Long story short, after talking to my dear friend who I
signed the contract with, he agreed to give back full rights to Once Upon a
New World. This came just in time for me to draft a proposal so I can take
the trilogy to the Book Expo in Chicago at the end of May. These three books
should definitely go mainstream, and to accomplish this it is best to go
with a large publishing house. The Book Expo is where you can meet and talk
to all the major publishers and often have an offer presented or an
acceptance of your book proposal right there. I must say, even I am amazed
at the way this all transpired with such "ease and grace."

Also, I have over 2000 copies of The Golden Promise stored in our garage. We
are expecting about 2500 of the new edition of On Wings of Light by truck
next week. We decided to rent a storage unit because we just don't have
storage room for them all. After many calls and getting a wide range of
prices, I finally found one for only $30 per month and no deposit. I went to
their office to get a key to look at the property and space and the lady
said they only had two of the 5 X 10 units like I wanted. I looked down to
where she was pointing on their map and 111 jumped out at me. I said I would
like to look at that one. The storage lot is in one of the more depressed
areas of Reno and the crime rate is somewhat higher. There was a gate, but
it was open and it looked like their security might not be the best. After a
little twinge of doubt, I heard AA Michael say, "Do not be concerned, our
work will be protected." I got back in my car and the digital clock on the
dash read 1:11. I pulled out onto the street and the car ahead of me had a
license plate with the numbers 111. I laughed and said, "Okay, I get it.
Thank you." Needless to say, I signed the lease and I know our books will
rest safe and secure with my angels standing guard.

One sweet friend wrote: "Thank you and AA Michael so much for the gift of
the Pyramid of Power. Since going there every day, I have had the five most
wonderful days of my life."

Another wrote, "By now you have probably received many messages telling of
the wondrous experiences using the fifth- dimensional Pyramid of Power, I
will not go into details, but I would like you to know that the three times
I have used it to date, almost immediate results were noticed/received. We
have received lots of helpful tools over the years, but I would say that
this, by far, is THE most effective. I am so thankful that Spirit led me to
order the tape. Thanks again to you and Lord Michael." I wish I had space
for more, but you get the idea. There are so many wonderful miracles taking
place every day, including a wonderful new book project that I am working on
with my angel friend Selacia. More on this later. We really are beginning to
see the results of all our hard work over the years and our visions are
growing more and more clear. See you in our group Pyramid of Power. Love and
blessings, Ronna
I have ordered another 100 Pyramid of Power tapes - 2K7T - so we have plenty
on hand and can fill your order quickly. Again, the tape is $12 plus $1 S&H
US * and $2 shipping Canada or overseas (I am absorbing $1.30 shipping
expense on the shipments overseas). * Also, the beautiful new edition of ON
WINGS OF LIGHT will be ready for shipment when I return from
Mt. Shasta next week. If you have one on order, you should receive it within
the next two weeks. You may order from my website or write for order forms
at the address above. *** I have a request: I will be a guest speaker at the
Kryon Summer Light Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado, July 13,14,15. I
would like to hold a book signing event in Denver on Thursday evening, July
12, before driving down to Breckenridge. Do any of you know of a fairly
large, active metaphysical bookstore in the Denver area that might be
interested? I usually give a mini lecture as well as sign books. I would
love to meet some of my friends in Denver and this would be a good way. If
you know of a place that would be interested, or would be willing to check
it out and get back to me, I would be most grateful.


A Discourse on true love, from St. Germaine given through Isaac Geroge.

"Good evening one and all. St. Germain here,
how are you?
(group response). Excellent! We applaud you,
and we honor
and acknowledge you.
True Love! Anyone here have a feeling, have an
concept for themselves of what true love means
to you? We are
asking for a show of hands! Yes, this is
audience participation."

Audience: "Unconditional Love."

SG: "Yes, true love is unconditional love. How
do you see that
in the context of relating to a brother or a
sister? Particularly, a
lover or a partner? How would you apply that to
the sensation, or
the idea, of what you call "falling in love?"
Is there a
similarity? We are putting you on the "spot",
yes? (laughter) True

Audience: "When you fall in love, you lose your

SG: "Ahh, see! You all are wise beyond your
recognition! Did
everyone hear what this one said? When you
fall in love you
lose your judgment. To some extent you also
lose your perspective,
right? To some extent you also lose your
mind!! You begin to
operate in a place of trust. You begin to
operate in a place
that, there is hope again. You begin to
seewhat? You think you
see your salvation in the "other." Has that
been your experience?
You see that someone comes in and makes you
feel so special,
so complete, that you cant imagine your life
having existed before
they entered your life, and you cant imagine
the rest of your
life existing without them in your life. Is
this not so?" Who here has
not had this experience?
Everyone in this room on some layer and level
from a point in
childhood, to the point where they are sitting
at right now in
chronological age, has had the experience. Has
had the
experience of encountering an entity, another
being that has
affected them so profoundly. We would wager that
there is not a single
one of you that has not forgotten that moment -
has not forgotten the
recognition that was faced in that instant.
And what was the recognition? Was it the
recognition of the
Beloved? To some extent, yes. But it was also
a recognition of
the qualities that you saw in the Beloved, that
you appreciated, that
you absolutely trusted, that you had no judgment
of. But what you were
seeing in that moment was so glorious that you
lost sight of the fact
that what the other person was representing to
you were the "lost" parts
of yourself.
So were here tonight to explain to you, to at
least share with
you some new possibilities. Were going to
discuss first, very
briefly, the history of human love, earthly
love, and how it came to be.
And how it is in some ways both a blessing and a
curse, and where it
(human love) is trying to emulate a deeper and
connection that you are all seeking, that
yearning that you are all
carrying inside of you. Who here does not have
that yearning?
Honestly. That is the thing that keeps your peace
disturbed. That is the
thing that keeps you driving forward, that keeps
you interested in life
It is some sort of feeling, some sort of inner
that somewhere, somehow, there is another
component of you that
completes you, that makes you feel at-One
So, the first part of this is taking a look at
what weve all
played with in this arena, myself included.
This was part of my
ascension process as it is part of yours. What
is ascension?
Coming into a new perspective, a new
consciousness. It is all the
metaphysical "trappings" yes, but it is more
than that, it is a
change of heart.
It is a change of your perception of what is
"true Love." The only
true love, first of all and foremost, is not
just the setting aside
of judgment, it is that which gave birth to all
of you.
True love is that which you name God, Spirit,
Goddess, the All
That Is, the Alpha & Omega. That is True Love.
And what has Love
done? What has Love done, but gone and decided
to create the
objectification of Love in order to have a
direct experience of it
rather than just a knowing of it. And what
happened is the
objectifications all decided to go off and
play out an experiment. And
that is what God wished to do. For how could It
have an experience
of Love unless It were to experience every aspect
of it, every potential
of it, including it oppositehate, fear.
This journey has been evolving now for many
billions of years,
many eons. And where the human race is right
now is becoming a
little bit more like a teenager. Like an
eighteen year old. About
ready to assume the responsibilities of an
adult, about ready to
love as an adult would love. But with one
distinct difference, the way
a child loves. The way a child wishes to be
loved, is the closest
thing to the way the Creator created it to begin
with. That which has
created you, instilled within you the full
spectrum and gamut of Love
Itself, and all its opposites, all its
counterparts. So when you all came
here to learn how to play, when you all came
here to experiment in the
material Universe, we took with us this
Emblem of Love, this core-seed remembrance, of
the Love the Creator
had for that which was created, and the
core-seed remembrance of
something else.
When this division, or fragmentation and
subdivision of various
wavelengths of Being occurred, there was one
final step in the
part of the monad or Oversoul before
incarnational experiences
could be gathered. There was the splitting of
polarity of the
entity, or Oversoul. This monadic split in which
half of the
polarity of this archetype, this being became one
polarity which you would
call masculine, another which you would call
feminine - the
principles of Creation and the Void in
microcosm. Then these were
projected into various personalities and
various bodies here on this
world, for the purpose of gathering experience
and learning lessons.
Evolving itself into a greater understanding of
itself -into an
understanding of its relationship to All That
Is. True love in
action, true love without judgment, true
loveunconditionally, from the
perspective of the experiencer, the Witnessyou.
You are the ones on the front lines. You are
the ones who get
to experiment with all of the issues that have
to do with love. You
are ones that have created the myriad forms,
experiences and
experiments. You have made decisions about love
that would have
never occurred in the mind of God initially. You
have been very
fruitful and very trust-worthy for being able to
explore the
extremes of love.
And heres what happens at that split, the core
memory of both
beings is held in the imaging of the heart and
there is always
the urging on, the yearning, the longing to
complete that union
once again. And yet the soul and the Creator
in its wisdom cannot
allow that to happen until all experiences are
complete, until all
karma is balanced and finished, all debts are
paid, and all the
growth and evolution necessary for that
particular Oversoul has
reached a status of completion, then it can
move into another
dimensional experience. It is the law, simply
the law of creation.
So, you find yourselves now in the situation of
creating all
these paradigms, all these different situations
on the earth
regarding families, regarding the ways societies,
religions and so forth
have all created certain rules, certain
restrictions, certain things that
dictate society to work in a particular way - to
be able to function
sufficiently. To be able to have peace among the
brothers and
sisters. And to some, the beliefs can only work
so far and then they
become prisons in themselves. And true love
squelched. It becomes imprisoned also. So what
happens whenever
there is the choice between love and feeling that
feeling of love for
the first time, as opposed to an arranged
marriage - what do you think the
human soul is going to do if it is told that it
cannot be with that which
it loves, what the beloved seeks, as opposed to
being with someone
that it has no connection to?
We will explain this phenomena. Each of you
are of a particular
frequency. You are a particular, unique aspect
of the Creator.
There is not one of you that has the exact same
matching resonance
or harmonic to another in this particular room.
However, there is
a counter part of yours, whether in embodiment
or not, that is
the exact match. And there are other beings
that are very close in
harmonic resonance to you.
You sometimes meet someone and think it is just
a soulmate
connection, or perhaps you think it is
something deeper than
that and you may call it Divine Compliment or
Twin Soul, or other
self. It can also be a portion of you in
another body, another
personality projection from the Oversoul. No
matter what label or
manifestation of that it is, the driving force
behind every one of your
emotions and every one of your desires and dreams
to feel acceptance,
to feel as if you are seen, is based on this
memory. And the memory is
indestructible and in violet.
So does that mean that all of the relationships
that you are
currently in are invalid? No, for each of your
twin flames, that
which is the core essence of the Oversoul at the
monadic level,
encourages that you experiment and learn and grow
and remember
through all of your relationship experiences.
There is no other way to do
it. It is not at all appropriate to all of the
sudden, when you come to
this awareness of comp-letion, to immediately
cut-off yourself from all
other relationship experiences. The whole purpose
is to experience and to
explore the world. So what is always the
driving force here is the
search for true love. The search for
somebody, or some being to come
into your field and say, "Hey I know you. And I
see you for who you are
and I accept you for who you are and lets go
off hand-in-hand together.
I dont care if your married. Its all
right, we are just going to
play for a while. We are going to remember
what it was like to be
children in the garden." And this is an
appropriate time to tell you
a bit of my
adventure. I was quite the Casanova, in case
you dont know. I was in
with love women. I was in love with "the woman"
as it was
manifested in many different bodies. You can
call that "Divine
Mother worship", if you will. Part of my path
was seeking that
completion, seeking that union with "the one"
and I thought in every
moment that I fell in love that I had found her.
I thought in every
moment, but sometimes the next morning I wasnt
too sure. But I was
always willing to try again. I was always
willing to open my
heart again even after it had gotten stomped on
or when I had been
chased off by the fathera lot of pitchforks
and blunderbusses
were waved at meit was not fun. Well, they
didnt have automatic
weapons in the fifteenth and sixteenth
centuries. (laughter)
So, it was my journey to discover the part of
me inside, that I
was seeking outside myself. You may say, "But
Germain, it is not
as much fun as finding it in someone else. And
how do I know it
inside of me? How is that important? How does
that make any
sense? Well if you indeed are androgynous
beings when you are not in
this form, guess what, you are the beloved and
you are that which is
seen as the beloved, simultaneously at core
essence. Now you cant
hold that thing in your arms, you cant make
love to it, you cant buy
it chocolate cake and flowers, but you can
pretend. You can
pretend to start having true love for you the
way your Creator has it
for you.
Let me complete my storywhat I eventually
found myself
doing is realizing that there was not a waste
to my experience. That
indeed, with every choice to love again, with
every choice to
become vulnerable, with every choice to see
mirrored in each
individual relationship a certain aspect of
myself that needed loving
as well, I was taken to the next level, and the
next level and the next
level. My soul kept egging me on. Until when?
Until I found her. Until I encounter this
incredible thirteen year old
girl standing in a vineyard one morning as I was
walking by. And I
recognized her. And she saw me. And I was
helpless. And this one had come
back for me. For it was time for me to leave this
plane. My search
was over. Yes I was called the "Wonder man of
Europe", and I had
disturbed many heads of state. (There were those
heads of state that
would not listen to advice of mine and lost
their heads, Louis and
Marie Antoinette.)
But it was time to leave. I had seen my hopes
and dreams for
the first democracy in Europe fall into ashes
and terror. But in the
eyes of this one who beheld me that day, it
didnt matter. For
I found home in those eyes. I had seen myself.
And she declared
to me, "I am your mirror." And in that moment
my searching, my fear,
was gone. And we left this plane to be joined
once again to work in
service for you, for this planet from where we
now are.
Please understand, that this is the journey you
are all on. You
all are entitled and have a right to experience
it. There is
nothing wrong with falling in love. What has
been the error in the
human experience has been forgetting the self
in the process.
Projecting your worst fears of abandonment.
Projecting your most
deepest concerns about being wanted again on to
the other. All of the
things from the past now take over and control
the present.
Everything you have felt as far as obligation,
everything, starts becoming the thing that
controls the relationship
rather than the relationship just being that love
without judgment. See that person for who they
are rather than who you
would like them to be.
Do you not see that true love means allowing,
just allowing.
Allowing yourself to have the experience of
that. Allowing the
other person to have their experience of that.
And if you choose you
can compare notes and you can talk about,
discuss it. But let not
the mind rule the experience. Let the heart
rule it. Why? Because
many hearts have been broken by not listening
by not listening to
them. Many more hearts have been broken by your
Spirit not getting
your attention in time either.
How do you get into that place of unification?
When you are
making the correct choice. It is something to
feel an energy with
someone else and feel that recognition and feel
that true love. It
makes your whole body buzz, it makes your teeth
rattle, it makes your
eyes water, it makes you feel giddy, high,
unstable, unable to go to work
the next day. What do you do with that feeling?
allow it. How do you work it with the other
person? You talk about it.
You communicate, honestly. You dont hide it. You
dont judge it. You
dont sit there thinking, "This is inappropriate,
I cannot do this." When
you have gone to the judgment of
inappropriateness you have taken on the
belief system of your parents or your church,
or school system, or society
at large that says, " Youre not supposed
to feel this good. Its
inappropriate for you and now that you have
been on your path of healing
and doing your twelve step program it is
certainly not healthy."
You can be deceiving yourself and be in
illusion. We have a
little thing about illusion to talk about.
Consider the possibility
that illusion is the scent of something real
coming close. Behind
every mask is a face. Never forget. Behind
the fog there is
something solid and real. Be not too quick to
judge the illusion, for
it is your pathway to that which you are seeking.
And so when
you are in a relationship, when you are in
love, and we prefer the term
"rising in love" not falling in love, (rising to
love rather than
falling, which represents going to sleep, going
unconscious, forgetting
the self, living only for the beloved, not
exactly the best way to
handle the situation )you remain sovereign and in
holding to who you are and absolutely allowing
the vulnerability to
be there so that the energy can flow. On
whatever layer or level it is,
friendship, platonic, sexual or all of the
above, it does not matter.
You all have this thing too about sex, as I
did, until I became to
understand what the sexual energy represented.
It was synonymous
with love as long as the heart was involved and
the heart chakra
was open. The sexual creative energy is the
stuff that builds
stars. It builds relationships, it builds homes,
it builds families, it
builds civilizations, it builds universes. Its
the same thing. Stop
separating it please. It is not appropriate any
Humans have for too long been putting things
into boxes. We
have all done this. We say, "Ill put sexuality
over here and I will put
love over here. And maybe once and a while they
can visit each
other. " And for goodness sake we cant let it
be lustful, for that
would bring your conscience into it. And your
conscience is
dictated by programming and beliefs. Your
conscience is not
necessarily what you have been instructed it is
that being a
function of the souls ethical and moral system.
It is a learned
response, just like jealousy is. It is a learned
response based in fear
not love.
This is another way that the ego plays a trick
on you. Its part
of the fear patterning that is already built
into the system until you
change the program. The only way you can change
the program is to begin
to examine how you behave with the idea of their
being a place of
spiritual lust. A place where the heart and the
groin can meet, and
Spirit is asked to participate in that and
elevate the entire
experience into one of wholeness rather than
This is transcendence and ascension. This is
what you do when treat any
being in this way on any level of relating. Or
even how you relate to
your cars, your business, your life situations.
Please invite Spirit
into each one of these things and you cannot do
anything accept "Thy
Will Be Done."
By intentioning that, you leave yourself wide
open to become
an agent of the Almighty. It will manifest and
if you try to put the
brakes on it you will experience what the
allegorical Adam and
Eve did in the bible, while walking around with
fig leaves on and
God came walking through the garden and said,
"Why did you do
And they replied, "Well, the serpent told us we
were naked."
And God said, "Who told you that? What is so
shameful about being
What is the allegory there? The allegory is:
Who told you that you had
to hide love? Who told you not to be vulnerable
and not to
show who you really are? Who determined for
you that some
how or another, that which is of the Earth
needs to be rejected
and renounced and that which is of Heaven hates
the Earth? Where
did that come from? That is the ultimate form
of separation and
True love can be the thing that happens to two
souls across a crowded room.
And in that instant they see and remember who
they are. They see and become
who they are, even when they could be judged as
being inappropriate by all
those around them. They feel it. How many here
have a seen a couple that
is so expansive that you almost feel that you
need sunglasses to be able to
view them?
When you are in their presence the energy of that
love is palpable. It
actually makes you giddy inside and it almost
makes you weep. Or it almost
makes you so flushed and sexually excited that
you wish you had what they
have. Have you ever had that experience to be in
the presence of true love?
Some beings when they have reached that place
of being able to see the
twin in themselves, they can just by their
presence exhibit love and send
all into ecstasy without having to be with a
partner. Love is like that.
Love is like lightning. Love is the Holy Spirit.
The tongues of flame that
descended on the disciples was not just a
transcendental experience it was
an erotic experience. Spiritual and erotic at
the same time. Those who
have had the experience of kundalini understand
what this means. It is the
fire of God. This is your birth right, to play
with it, to create it, to
grow with it.

We tell you from our perspective, it is most
important to recognize the
value of one on one intimate relationships and
creating new forms of them in
this day and age, rather than relying on trying
to fix up the old ones. It
is very important for you to also take the time
to look at that in the
context of the larger communities. It is
sometimes easier to just go and
purchase a new car rather than trying to put new
tires on a car that is old,
tired and run down with an engine that needs
work. It is always
appropriate to say at some point, as the Creator
does, "Behold I make all
things new."

This is your task. It is our joy to do this with
you. Please when you look
at your beliefs around how relationships should
be, examine them honestly.
When you look at how you are with yourself please
also be honest, but temper
your honesty with compassion. Temper your
perspective with the eyes of
unconditional love and allowing. This is the
taste. This is the beginning.
The whole point of the next age is love. Love
unconditional. Love
Divine. That which you saw Master Yeshua
demonstrate. It reaches into the
heart of every type of relationship you could
possibly create. It is
present with the lovers in the hotel room as it
is present with those in the
sacred temples. As it is present with those who
have learned to hold the
beloved with themselves, because they have no
longer the need or issue with
having to have the outer expression. Its all
appropriate. It all works as
you would say. Whatever feels right to you is
the thing that you follow not
what you think that you need to. It is human
nature, as I know, to be able
to look at something and compare yourself to it
and say, "Maybe I should be
like that." Please, do the Creator and yourself
a favor and be who you are.
Everything would fall into place so much
quicker if you all could do
that. The tumblers in the lock would go chink
into place and you would have
Heaven on Earth. If everyone would absolutely
trust and follow their Spirit
without hesitation and trust their hearts there
would be no problems. That
would be the end of all problems. And you would
be on to creating wondrous
and creative things, music, art, literature,
clean up the environment.
Whatever you choose to do. However you wish to

The thing I will leave you with about true love
You couldnt be here doing what you are doing
unless you were doing it from
the position, from indeed, the heritage and
birthright of true love. To
come into physical embodiment at this time
knowing what you have known,
experiencing what you have experienced when you
could have just as easily
have said, "No, I think Ill stay in the fifth
dimension. Ive had enough
of that place." You did not choose that. You
chose true love. You chose
the true love that you have for this planet. You
chose the true love that
you have for each other. The true love that you
have for humanity, for your
brothers and sisters. That is what brought you
back. So here you are. I
cant see a better example of true love than
that. And in terms of how you
express it with each other, the best advice has
already been given. It was
given by our older brother, "Be kind to each
other. Love one another as I
have loved you." And know this the love of a
friend to lay down their life
for their friends is the ultimate form of love.
Meaning to lay down your
life for some one you do not give yourself away
but in the giving away you
give more of who you are and still remain
yourself. True love sees nothing
other than itself. Itself. True Love. Each one
of you, all of you are
that, and I bow to it.

This discourse is complete. Go and experiment
first with the inner self,
use a mirror if you like to see who you are. Put
yourself in the position
of being the twin observing who you are in this
reality. Love that first
and foremost, seeing also in it the Creator.
That which is the
Father/Mother in you. Beholding you as That.
Surrounding you with its
unconditional love and compassion. And then take
that out into the world
into your relationships into your friendships
into your business
partnerships. And always keep looking and
smiling at the next pair of eyes
that smiles back at you. They may be smiling at
you because that is the
next step for you. Perhaps the next calling
forth from your twin saying,
"Here I AM. Im in this one. For now." Love
well. Play well. And be in
Peace. All is well in the realm of true love.
Thank you for allowing me to
share this message. Namaste, and God Bless and
may the Christ in you guide
your way.

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